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Investigating stories, and producing content that people can use for their own information, and for their own benefit can take years of research, and is a spiritual endeavor of doing good and honest work. Because of this, Scythe publishes work that will be of benefit to others, and report honest and true stories throughout the United States. Using literary art in your journalism only makes your work greater.

We want to see your work, and your research! Submissions are carefully examined year-round. We only accept unique submissions, and we do not accept a series of repeat submissions. If you agree for Scythe to publish your work we automatically gain exclusive rights to host your content. Before you decide to submit our work. If you have a previous record of appearing in Scythe please wait at least two weeks before submitting another report. We ONLY accept online submissions, as most of our readers are all throughout the United States. We will not consider your submission if you send it through postal mail. Please wait for a response to your submission before sending us more work.

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