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Scythe Literary Journal is a investigative literary journal to show the truth in the local and national news. We publish news that’s relevant to our readers, and news that has been investigated thoroughly. I’ll be perfectly frank here and admit that we are biased in the way we report our news. What do I mean specifically? We believe that both sides should be shared, and we believe in the honest truth. If we see news that is not reported with both sides of the stories we will chime in and report the other side with the best of our abilities. Let’s take a look at the vision we have here


1. We believe in honesty.
I don’t believe I’ve driven this point home, and it is because of this that I will state it here for the last time. Honesty is the key and the way to the truth lies in Jesus Christ first and foremost, but additionally it lies in knowing what goes on behind the scenes, in the front, and everywhere in between. It’s not fair to just look at the outside of a Rolls Royce and not remember what’s on the inside of it.

2. We believe in continuing to grow together.
As we continue to take on new writers you (the audience) and our team members (writers and staff) will continue to seek the truth together and communicate exclusively with each other. In order for an audience member to communicate with us you can leave a personal comment below or articles, or contact us on our contact page. From here we can determine your needs, and what you want reported.

3. We like news that helps us grow, and find a new course of action
Let’s face it, everywhere we go there’s fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of nothing. Here at Scythe we plan on cutting through the fear to expose the truth that will help set others free so they can live the life of choice. We have no control over people, but we believe that if we continue to work for truth and justice we might help others to succeed.

4. We’re committed to inclusivity.
That means we’re not going to flip-flop and report half-washed news stories. We want the whole enchilada, and although that may upset some stomachs we’re perfectly fine with it. We’re here to expose what really matters, what really counts, and what is a real benefit to others. We want to help others to break through, and doing that sometimes means challenging beliefs that don’t serve people.

5. We want to be held accountable by our readers and by our writers.
That means if you notice something “off” or “discolored” we want you to voice your facts here. Challenge us even when we challenged others and let’s keep this site a fair playing field for those seeking the truth for events that matter to us.

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