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Power Washing Chemicals for Safety Reported Here

Hello, this is John, co-founder of Xpress Wash and today I wanted to outline a little bit about what chemicals to use (probably one of the biggest questions I get asked), and what works best for what application in order to protect the safety of our environment.

So, we’re going to take a look at various chemicals of a parent company of XpressWash, which is Powerline Industries. They offer a full array of chemicals, and one of our top pressure washer contractor uses them.

astro washHere we have the AstroWash, which is great for automobiles, trucks, and even airplanes. The cool thing about AstroWash, and I use it extensively, is that not only does it have a wetting agent in it, but it also has a little bit of the waxing agent. A lot of what cause your problems with the film build up on a vehicle is the static energy that accumulates on the vehicle and it wels the road film to the vehicle. So, if you can get the vehicle clean and get a wax on there, it helps in discharging along with the wax and dirt sticking to the car.

If you notice when you wax your car by hand, the dust, just kind of will wipe right off because it’s not sticking to the car. After that wears off it makes it a little harder to rub off. With this AstroWash, I use it just to kind of give it a dilution of it. AstroWash I put it in my downstream, one gallon of AstroWash per twelve gallons. So that you know I use six gallons per thirty pieces of equipment. It’s cost effective and works well.

Power Plus benefitsThe next product here is called PowerPlus and what’s nice about this product is that it’s FDA approved to use on foods. You can use this inside a restaurant in the cleaning area and the cooking area because it is FDA approved. What’s nice about the power plus is it can be used for a myriad of things.

I use it in my truck wash too if I have a fleet of white vehicles. AstroWash has citrus in the chemical makes up of PowerPlus that makes it work well and brings out the whites on a white vehicle. So if you have a fleet of white trucks PP ROCKS, and works well. You can use it for surface cleaning, concrete, house cleaning, and much more. One thing that makes it nice is that you can actually use this as a stable cleaning chemical because you can use it anywhere from fleet wash surface cleaning, house wash, commercial and residential usage.

It can be used inside, outside, and I just can’t say enough about it!

cherry wax rinseWhat we have hear is a gallon of cherry wax rinse, and what this is a cherry wax. You put about one cup of this per five gallon jug, and that five gallon jug you can then downstream after you get a vehicle clean. This is the same stuff that the waxing agent uses in those drive-thru. In fact, this is sole to drive-thru car cleaning places. What works well is that after you get done cleaning, and you downstream this soap down to the truck it has this cool cherry smell, and you can do various smells if you want to. Pina Colada, cherry, apples, and various other smells are included. I use this because it saves me a ton of time when I come back.

About every fourth or fifth of wash on the fleet, what I’ll do after I get done cleaning the truck I will apply downstream this cherry wax to the vehicle and you’ll see the water beat up on there and it makes it so there’s no spots left. The best part about it is that it creates that wax film and makes it really shine, and better yet, when you come to wash it the next time that road film comes off a hundred times easier. So, by doing wax, or allowing yourself to work faster and if you have an account where you’re going to be playing that.

One thing that you can do as well is say, “Hey, I’ll upgrade you to the wax.” and charge a fee for that. Not only does this work great but this is a great product, and it goes a mile. A gallon of this will make a ton – one cup per five gallons.

laydown power washThis last product here is a Laydown PowerWash. One thing that sticks about LayDown is that it has a little more suds, so if you have a client that needs to see more soap it has a sludging agent. If you need someone, that needs soap Laydown can be great. It’s very similar to Astro, except this has more soap agents in it.

Let’s say you’re doing work, and this is a great tip, and you’re setting yourself up to do high school power washing. Well, the benefit of this comes into play when people want to see actual soap suds come from the machine. They want to know or have the image of knowing, which their cars are being cleaned with soap. LayDown creates that image that you want when washing cars.

The other thing that I wanted to show you here is that Astro that comes in a five gallon drum.

One product that I did want to introduce to you is our Monster House Wash, which is a phenomenal product in that if you have any issues with yeast or black mold this is the product to get. This drum makes a fifty-five gallon drum, and the key ingredient here is the sodium hydroxide. What that does is if you have black streaks or black on the gutter, mold, or mildew on the house this stuff will do the trick. It breaks it down quickly.